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A lot of hockey fans are now in high anticipation for a lot of action with the hockey playoffs this season and they are looking forward to reading the latest news about the game. However, aside from the action-packed games, the best Hockey News that anyone can hear now is how the hockey sports enthusiasts and players can pay a tribute to some of their great players who have provided a great contribution with the game.

One of the latest hockey news that any hockey fans should know is the tribute that the New Jersey Devils will be giving to their retired goaltender Martin Brodeur who has led the team to a total of 3 Stanley Cup Championships.

The team has announced that prior to the game against the Edmonton Oilers on February 9, Brodeur’s No. 30 will be retired by the team. At the same time, a statue will also be built just outside the Prudential Center in the Championship Plaza. Prudential center is also the place where the announcement of the jersey number retirement will be done.

A Throwback to Bordeur’s Career as a Goaltender of the Devils

Brodeur already had a long way for him to get to this particular point in his career after he has been selected to be part of the Devils from the 20th pick during the 1990 NHL Draft. He has set NHL goaltending records that include the most career wins and shutouts. Brodeur played a total of 21 seasons with the New Jersey devils yet he has not re-signed a contract with the team for the team in the 2014 to 2015 after the team has determined Cory Schneider as their No.1 goalie. The Blues offered Brodeur a 1-year contract just after Brian Elliot obtained a knee injury.

No one, even Bordeur, saw this great change coming in his career. Many fans of the Devils as well as former players can’t get over the change as he did not only join another organization for being a player but for serving a management position. After the announcement he made being a player, he then joined as a senior adviser of the Blues to its general manager. He has signed a 3-year contract for being the assistant general manager last May 20.

Though a lot of fans may have not moved one from his decision, Bordeur said that he was “at peace” with the decision he made. He was happy about what he did with the Devils and was also happy with the little experience he had with the Blues. There was never any regret with the decision as he gained much accomplishment with starting his first game with the Devils and ending it with the Blues.

Even the former Defenseman of the Devils Ken Daneyko, whose jersey No. 3 was retired by the team on March 24 of 2006, mentioned that the jersey retirement of Bordeur can be considered as a sense of closure of the team with the former goaltender.

The Announcement and Interview

Prior to the 1-on-1 interview with the NBC sports news host Kathryn Tappen conducted after the announcement on the stage facing the penalty boxes, the 3 Stanley Cup Championship banners that Devils have won were lowered and a video including the remarks of all his former teammates was then played.

After this form of salute, Bordeur mentioned that there is no better way of honoring a hockey player than retiring the jersey number and what makes it even better is building a statue. He even added that he will have a talk with the sculptor just to ensure that he’ll get his good side.

When he was introduced, all fans started chanting “Marty! Marty!” which made him smile and said that he hasn’t heard the cheering for a while now. He added that he appreciates the gesture of the team, after all Devils is their team. Also, sometimes, jerseys were usually retired by organizations that have never met the player or were not even a part of the career, which made him appreciate the tribute more.

As this announcement is made, he will now be the 4th player of the Devils that will have their jersey number retired. He will be joining the team’s former defensemen Scott Stevens, Ken Daneyko, and Scott Niedermayer. These players were also his fellow players in achieving the 3-time Cup champions of the New Jersey team.

With this tribute, it is one of the best and most historical events that a hockey news magazine could ever publish either online or through printed forms.